Patsy's Bar & Grill Sponsorships

Are you part of a team that could use some free t-shirts? How about $100 toward your league fees? How about some cold brews and tasty food after each game?

We've got all of that with our Team Sponsorships. Whether it's kickball, softball, basketball, lacrosse…anything! Complete the form by clicking the link below and you will be contacted regarding your team sponsorship.

What We Offer:

  • T-shirts with our "Bull & Bear Roadhouse" logo on the front. They can be a color of your choice. Neon colored shirts, and names/numbers on the back will not be covered by Bull & Bear Roadhouse…if you'd like neon colors or names/numbers please feel free to discuss this with us.

  • A pitcher of Blue Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light or Yuengling and 2 appetizers of your choice after every game for your team.

  • A "Celebrity" Bartending event: We allow you, any of your teammates, friends or family members etc. to bartend with any of our awesome bartenders for an hour and a half on a Saturday or Sunday. We'll have an appetizer/dip station set up for this event for you as well during this time. All cash tips received during this event will go directly to your team to help offset league fees.